Controlling Our Kids

I saw a letter to the editor in my local newspaper that interested me. The writer told about how her family were eating in a local restaurant. Her kids started to get a little loud (they were not yet school age) and another customer turned and told her to control her kids or take them out and do not bring them back until they knew how to act in a restaurant. She was upset and could not believe that another adult would yell at them.

How do we teach children? We take them places to help them understand and learn how to act. We take them to restaurants to help them learn how to act. The will not be perfection while they grow, but they will learn.

This is what we do in school. We show them what they need to learn and help them to know what to they can do when they become a part of society as a worker and consumer. The roles have changed over the years so we need to find out what we need to do also. If students need to learn what is happening in society so they can be prepared, we should do the same. Society and jobs are changing and so should we. Teaching styles, lessons, how we use language, how we use math, how we prepare for the coming times in social studies. We, as teachers, need to learn how to teach this new generation with their tools. We are learning just as the students are. In some situations, the students will be helping us. I just hope they do not kick me out, because I do not know something. Being the teacher, doubt that would happen, but instead of kicking me out, they may not paying attention.

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