Failure in the Classroom

Should we teach our students to embrace failure? Not that we want them to fail, but with every failure comes the chance to learn and grow. They can learn what not to do and to try something else. We want them to succeed at failure so they can use it to their benefit. If students get frustrated and shut down at each wrong answer they become failures and not learners. We can teach students that wrong answers are not bad but chances to learn that can help them improve. As we teach them to learn they can use that skill to help them in all situations. Reading "8 to be Great", Richard St. John tells example after example of successful people that have made that their catalyst. Michael Jordan talks about all the shots he's missed and the games he's lost to tell why he has been successful. Students need to not be afraid of getting answers wrong. Teachers need to not punish wrong answers. We need to embrace and teach. This gets them to the place they need, persistence.

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