The hardest thing for me today was to not get in the way. My friends were working on a Model A flatbed and it was not starting. I had to just listen and do as I was told. I held the lamp and made a few short comments. I did what I could with my limited knowledge of cars, especially old cars.
While I stood there enjoying the collaboration of the group trying to fix the car, I thought it might be fun to buy an old car and rebuild it. I would look great driving an old car around town. It would be fun to go the all the car shows and get into a car club and hang out. After reading "The Dip" by Seth Godin, I feel I need to quit the idea that I should get a car and rebuild it. I am pretty good with doing something's, but cars is not one of them.
Quitting something that is not our "thing" looks a little different to me after reading "The Dip". I know we want everyone to do their best. We want all students to do their best and never give up, but I see now that there are students that do better at certain subjects and activities than others. Do we give up on the ones they are not good at? No. Should we encourage and find activities that will play to their strengths? Yes. Sound like I have a little work to do.
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Second Chances

I had a good friend get remarried a few days ago. He needed a second chance to be happy. Everyone needs a chance. As the year comes to a close we want to let other teachers know what is coming to their classrooms. I think this is a mistake. Every person needs to be able to start a new year with a clean slate. Students need the chance to be able to change. Starting with a strike against them is hard for a child to change. They live up to what they are told and act how they are expected to act. This year we need to resist the need to warn the next grade about the students moving on.