Korea, We Love Thee

Having a Korean intern in my classroom is year has been an amazing experience for me and for my students. Having a different perspective in my classroom helped me be a better teacher. It made me think more about what I do and why I do it. Having a mo international perspective has been wonderful. Our education system is always compared to the Asian education system, it is great to hear about their system. I learn about the why's and the how's of their system. There a some great things and some not-so-great things. But I also think that is the same with our system, great and not-so-great.

I think all classrooms should have this opportunity. It is such a benefit for my students. Having an international connection in a global world. Students need to know about the global world. Having this little connection is wonderful for them to learn about the world outside our community, outside our country. What a great experience. Thank you Sun Woo, Lina*, Jenni*, Stephanie*,and all the other interns.

*some interns used American names to make it easier for the students to say their names.
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