Alan Sitomer, Hookin' Boys

Alan Sitomer, English Teacher, Lynwood High School, Title One Conference, Tampa Bay
Our national graduation rate is about 68%. That means about 1 out of every 3 students does not graduate. Boys graduation rate is about 64% and girls about 72%. We are witnessing the girls taking over the education oef themselves and the boys are giving up. If we can get them to understand we are doing it for them, they will get it.

The recession has hit people hard and the one piece of education that has not been hit is assessment. Assessment keeps getting bigger. To grow an elephant you need to feed it, not perpetually weigh it.

If you are not educated you will not make it in the world. Studies show a bachelors degree will make approximately 1 million more than those without, over a lifetime. People with a masters degree will make approximately 1.3 million more than on without.

Drop outs self sabotage themselves. 84 % of prisoners do not have a high school diploma. We spend approximately $80,000 a year for incarcerated individuals and about $8,000 a year per child.about 1 out of 100 adults in the US have or are in jail. America is the 1 in incarnation.

State corrections are now using student literacy levels as penitentiary forecasters to allow them to project how many prison beds they will need over the course of the subsequent decade.

I can see the problems we are having in education. I agree that there is a problem and I like the idea of a moratorium of building assessments because the education has a need to assess everything, but as Alan has said, we don't grow an elephant by weighing it everyday. Alan had a lot of facts and data yet the information about motivation to get success is not new. We all have that problem and the solution is engagement, but there was not specifics, just facts and figures. Alan did remind me that our job is very important and I do need to do more.

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