Just Step Away

It is the end of the year and there always seems to be more to be done than originally thought. I am not sure how this happens every year, but it does. No amount of planning will ever take care of the craziness of he last few weeks of school.

In this time of panic and need to wrap up assignments, tests, forgotten activities, and missed lessons is the student. They are also having intense feelings of getting things done, school ending, anticipation of summer, and warm weather. This is not always a good mix. Teacher panic and student anticipation of the end. It is time to step back and bring our old friend patience in. I always have to remind myself to take an extra breath with the same questions being asked at the end of the year. Taking an extra second before I ask where their assignment is. Deciding whether the conversation about what they did is worth the time or effort from me or them. Do I give up? No. They still need consistency, but this is the time of year that could be the difference between them hating me for a long time or coming back next year and wishing they were back in elementary school. More kindness and patience and less frustration from either of us.

Taking a step back will help the sanity for all of us in the class and wrap up the year with food memories and not one ugly blow-up. Step back, Glen. Choose your battles even more wisely. You will miss them. Really, you will.
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