How Much Longer Do I Have?

It is time to get ready for school. The kids will be back in a few weeks and I am now starting to put my ducks in a row. What programs are we going to use? How am I going to use the new Language program? What online programs will it offer and will I want to use them?

I am also watching a few more podcasts to get a few more ideas to incorporate into the team before school starts. I find it easier to start an idea in the beginning of the year. It helps me get it going and if it works it will keep going strong.

I am always excited to start a new year with new students and new ideas. I try to push myself to go farther and get better as a teacher. Years ago I had a student ask me if the previous year's students' did the same activity? I took that as a challenge that we need to change it up a little each year. We need to have some consistency and the best lessons can be tweaked, but do not need to be revamped.

This week will be teachers teaching teachers the ideas they were taught at different conferences or some of the ideas they have found successful. We will also learn about our new Language program. We get to learn a new program this year. We seem to get a new program each year. We will get it learned and see how it does.

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